Why am I here?

Self-portrait above taken on my Canon 5D MkII – Some post work with shadows.

This is my place, where i get to talk. Fear free. Guilt free. Blame, judgement and consequence free. A place where my thoughts are ejaculated without repression, my visions, loves, hates, fears, truths.

The term 'normal' is paraded around to make humanity feel insecure to the point we go internally crazy where everyone tries to 'act' normal so in the end, we have a sea of fishes swimming in the same direction against the current. fighting against what seems to be an insurmountable strength; even the strong get weak at some point. I wonder what would happen if we all shed the facade we own and adopted honesty as our mask?

We've become a society that hides, from ourselves most of the time. But we hide ourselves, if we really know ourselves at all, from even the closest of friends. Until we get high or drunk to awake the next day and blame the intoxication.

This site is my intoxicated state without apology. Without retraction. No deletes. If I tell you fucked up shit, it's my fucked up shit. Sure, say whatever you want in response but you'll just see me shrugging my shoulders. raising my brows and smiling because, well, it's my thoughts if right or wrong.

I am blessed with Borderline Personality Disorder, severe anxiety, Depersonalisation Disorder, Body Dysmorphia, Depression and extremely low self esteem. Seems quite a list doesn't it? Well, it is. It's a daily struggle. A battle. A war. Every day brings a 'different' me; I've no idea who it is I actually am and through everything else I endure, this is the most painful of it all; I have no particular identity.

So please feel free to wander inside the world of my thoughts, feelings and creativity that somehow sees me through every single day.

Welcome and good luck.

I do not give you permission to use my images unless it has been previously agreed. If you want to use any of my images, please be decent and contact me first. All images are of my own creation and work and are personal to me. So basically, don't be a dick and drop me a line first.


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